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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization. The purpose of improving your website's ranking on search engine results pages is part of the search engine marketing of your website. Also known as abbreviated SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Optimizing the website and reaching users through major search engines today such as: google, facebook, coccoc ... Including optimization of text, images, videos, content and topics Research,...

SEO is a private job, a very independent but sometimes one of the advertising campaigns of the administrators. If they are aware of the importance of SEO, administrators will reap a lot of success, earning a huge source of customers from search engines.

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The term SEO can also be used to refer to people doing search engine optimization, who are consultants working on optimization projects for client websites.

What jobs is SEO doing?

- Detailed analysis of website and top competitors
- Make SEO plan and make keyword list
- Optimize website structure so that it is search engine friendly
- Create Quality content for the website
- Building a quality backlink system pointing to the website
- Checking keywords weekly and monthly to fix errors if any.

Importance of SEO

We understand Simply when we have a need to search for a certain product or service, we often go to google to type in that search keyword, if the website has any advice or product or service, if the website Whichever comes to the top will reach more customers, and sell more products

- Seo brings short-term results

One of the first benefits to SEO is that it is possible to easily measure the efficiency of investment capital compared to advertising costs in the most accurate way. When doing SEO you can also confirm the profits, website visits, conversion rates that keywords bring. Above all, it is a quick overview of your website, what are the strengths and weaknesses that need to be overcome in order to have specific strategies and solutions.

- SEO helps businesses understand customer behavior

One of the tools that help managers analyze, evaluate and measure Seo results that any Seoer knows is Google Analytics. With this tool, managers can easily know information about all customers: gender, age, language, search history, time to access the website, ... all information News are recorded and analyzed. Therefore, it can be seen that Seo plays a very important role, it is an inevitable that every business needs to apply in its Marketing activities

- SEO provides the reliability of the business to customers.

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The psychology of users when searching on Google is that they believe that the websites in the top position on the search results page are trustworthy and reputable addresses. Their users rate them very highly for the websites in the top. Therefore, with this benefit, Seo has brought businesses more search, which means an increase in potential customers for their business.

Nowadays, doing SEO gradually becomes a necessary and important for any business that wants to succeed in Online Marketing strategy. The purpose of SEO is also for brand development and business; enhancing competitive advantages for businesses in the commercial context in the era of Internet booming.

People are searching everyday and most of all just look at the first page of results. So if a customer is looking for your product, and you accidentally get ranked on the second page, it is less likely that a customer will visit your website. For Internet businesses, the battle for high rankings on search engine rankings is extremely important.

Compared with other forms of advertising at the same price that providers offer, long-term SEO will save you a lot of money and bring efficiency in the long run.

To run ads on Google, your business will have to spend a huge amount of money on maintaining them and are often inefficient, the results are not fixed, and do not create interactions with many people. use. However, when doing organic SEO , your website will have a fixed position on the display board, helping to better impress potential customers
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