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Trump supporters only took a few hours to sweep Capitol Hill, but the President and allies have been calling on them to act months earlier.

In the weeks following the election, President Trump and a number of keys, high-profile allies passed press conferences, statements, and social media posts to urge his supporters to stand up. the results of a vote he alleges fraudulent. By December 2020, they began to mention January 6, the date specified as the time to confirm the vote of the electoral college in the National Assembly.

MPs from both parties argue that it was Trump's and his allies' rhetoric that triggered the Capitol Hill riots on Jan. 6, which killed five.

President Donald Trump addressed a crowd of supporters in Washington on January 6. Photo: Reuters.

In the early hours after the polls closed on November 3, 2020, Trump, his family, and private lawyer Rudy Giuliani declared the election to be fraudulent with fake votes. They are accompanied by attorneys L. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who accuse Trump of the failure of international plots.

However, no evidence of widespread fraud has been produced. In the weeks that followed, more than 50 Trump campaign and backer lawsuits were dismissed in front of the federal and state courts, as well as the Supreme Court.

After December 14, when Joe Biden's victory was confirmed through a meeting of state electors, the message of Trump and his allies became more urgent.

"This fraudulent election cannot exist," Trump announced on Twitter the next day. "Go to the Republicans".

The President of the United States repeatedly promotes a planned protest of his supporters on a Twitter account with 88 million followers. Big protest in Washington Jan. 6. very drastic!, he wrote on December 19.

Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. He also warned those who did not support their father's efforts in a speech at the January 6 rally: "We are coming to see you."

The analysis showed that from election day until that day, the president's family members, his lawyer, and a group of allies posted more than 200 articles about election fraud on Twitter. These posts were re-shared almost 3.5 million times and garnered more than 9 million likes. Attorney Powell writes the most about fraud, with 116 tweets, followed by Mr. Giuliani with 32.

Twitter locked Trump's account since Jan. 8 "due to the risk of inciting more violence". The company also suspended the accounts of attorneys Wood and Powell and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, part of a crackdown on accounts that spread far-right conspiracy the QAnon.

I have never been in favor of violence or civil war said Wood on January 8.

Encouraging patriots to stand up for truth, justice, free speech, and let their voices be heard is why we have Amendment number one, explained Ms. Powell.

Mr. Flynn also gave the same explanation above.

In a video on January 7, the US President condemned the violence but did not blame anyone who was responsible. In a tweet on Wednesday morning, he pledged that his supporters "will not be treated unfairly of any kind!".

Trump supporters flooded inside the US parliament building on January 6.  Photo: AFP.

Trump supporters flooded inside the US parliament building on January 6. Photo: AFP.

Trump began laying the groundwork for allegations of election fraud many months ago. In July 2020, when polls showed Biden was in the lead, the President wrote: "The 2020 election will be completely fraudulent if mail voting is allowed and everyone knows what. there".
The day after the election, Attorney Wood pushed the situation. "This country is on the brink of war. Not between the North and the South, but between Truth and Lie," he wrote. "Free Americans are on the side of the Truth."
When some media outlets named Biden as the winner on November 7, lawyer Giuliani accused voter fraud of helping the Democratic candidate win in Pennsylvania.
In the weeks that followed, Mr. Wood continued his rhetoric of inciting war, saying Trump's supporters were against local, state, and federal governments, as well as political parties infiltrated by China.
"Do you think our country is on the verge of a coup/revolution disguised as a civil war or is it only I think so?" "Don't confuse a coup/revolution with a civil war".
Mr. Flynn urged his followers to defend America, using hashtags such as "fight like Flynn" or "fight for Trump".
"This is a serious constitutional crisis that our nation has ever faced. We will be a spark of hope for the world if we are willing to stand up with courage and integrity to protect us." protect our republic, "he wrote on Twitter on November 13.
That same day, Ms. Powell said in an interview with Fox Business Network that "this is essentially a new American revolution and anyone who wants this country to maintain freedom needs to stand up now".
On November 19, Mr. Giuliani urged the Ministry of Justice to step in. "What must we do to get the FBI awake?" He said during a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters.
In an interview on December 9 on a pro-Trump TV station called New Tang Dynasty Television, Mr. Wood said: "I believe there will be violence in our streets soon."
Ms. Powell also suggested her supporters "invade the capital, parliament".
Four days after Biden's victory was confirmed by the Electoral College, Mr. Wood recommended that the Americans make more provisions in case of instability. That same day, Mr. Flynn, in an interview on Newsmax, suggested that Trump could deploy troops to turn states and "essentially reorganize an election in each of those states".
Last month, the US President began promoting the protest on January 6. "Never give up. See everyone in Washington on January 6," he wrote after Christmas.
On December 30, Mr. Wood called: "Every citizen now has to make a decision. Will you stand up and fight for freedom? The choice is yours. Choose wisely."
On January 2, Mr. Flynn urged supporters on Twitter again: "We are not going and our people will continue to fight for Trump."
Before the Senate elections in Georgia on January 5, Trump held a rally in the state. Opening for his father, Trump Jr told his supporters "We need to fight".
In a speech later, the President reiterated the allegations of fraud.
"When you win a landslide match and they steal it, it's cheated, it's unacceptable. Unacceptable," he said, and the crowd chanted. fight for Trump! ".
"They won't take the White House. We're going to fight to the end," Trump added.
Lawyer Rudy Giuliani called on Trump supporters to fight at the rally in Washington on January 6.  Photo: Reuters.

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani called on Trump supporters to fight at the rally in Washington on January 6. Photo: Reuters .
On the day of the Georgia vote, Eric Trump, the President's second son, tweeted: "Patriots, who is going to Washington tomorrow !!! Let's #StopTheSteal", referring to the "Stop steal".
On the morning of January 6, Trump continued to accuse the Georgia vote of being rigged. "The legislature never accepts. Let them do it. Be strong!".
Mr. Wood also participated in the call to action. "It's time for the patriots. This is our time. It's time to regain our country. It's time to fight for our freedom. Give your life, fortune, and honor." Today is our day.
Speaking to supporters at the National Mall national park, Trump Jr said the protest should "be a message to all Republicans who were not ready to do real combat."
Mr. Giuliani also took the microphone and pushed things further. "If we are wrong, we will be considered fools. But if we are right, a lot of them will go to jail. So let's judge by battle," he said. crowd.
When President Trump ended his rally speech, he called on Vice President Mike Pence strongly, he urged the crowd to march to Capitol Hill.

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