My Mom got exploited via PayPal. How can we get the money back?



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So my mom wanted to buy my little sister a Nintendo Switch from "ebay Kleinanzeigen" (similar to craigslist) and found it for a relatively low price so she contacted the seller and he said the he accepts PayPal payments but only with the Friends and Family option. So we transferred the money to his account and sent him a prove. He approved the arrival of the money but ignored any message sent afterwards.
My mom thought that PayPal payments are always protected and didn't know that the "Friends and Family" option is not secured. We contacted PayPal already but they most likely won't do anything because "we were warned about the dangers of transferring money using this method".
I know that it was very naive from us and we won't be as stupid in the future but we are already running low on money because of the crisis and we don't have the resources to buy a new console.
My question now is: What could/should we do?
We will probably contact the police but I've read online that the chance of getting our money back are almost 0. The only information I got from him is his PayPal E-Mail and name. I thought that I could maybe hire a hacker to help me get his address and other personal info but I don't know how and if it's even worth it because I've seen offerings of up to 500 bucks.
Many thanks in advance!


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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. Sure, hire a hacker, but what will that do? It'll just cost you more money for results that may or may not be satisfactory. Next time, stick with the business transaction option.
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