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Most online forums have severe standards against spam and they exist for a damn valid reason. Scholars are among the most exceedingly terrible wrongdoers with regards to self-advancement.

On each stage I've composed on, such countless writers share this disappointing thought that they ought to invest 20% of their energy composing and 80% of their time advancing.


You need to promote your content.
Marketing is mandatory if you want to succeed. Just make sure you don’t do it the wrong way. You’ll end up burning bridges and getting little traction in return.
Writers and content creators must continually remind themselves of this honest truth: random people aren’t our mothers — they don’t care what you think or feel.
The achievement of your substance or your post "simply requiring a couple of more up votes " to do well amounts to absolutely nothing.
Your check doesn't make a difference to them.
Your details don't make a difference to them.
They only care about what you have to offer them (what's up in store for me)

I Just Applied Some Of These Tricks
For example, having a Twitter account that only shoots links won’t ever lead to great traction (barring you being a major publication).

I try to send at least a few tweets for every one promotional tweet. I also state upfront what people will get if they follow me:
  • I tweet jokes
  • I tweet writing tips
  • I share free links to articles
  • Follow if that’s your thing
I don’t mess with any other stuff. I’d recommend you pick a lane that includes 2–3 focused subjects you are more appealing to you .Then deliver on that promise with rising effectiveness. You can do this on any social space. I do it on LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora as well.

The Small Audience Strategy

You should consider building a network of friend creators. The net result for individuals who creates contents and effectively relates with different creators is quite often higher pay.
It reminds me of my life as a competitive swimmer. The sport is individual. Yet you need a good team to train with if you want to succeed. The better the team you train with, the better your times.

Those that train alone? They complain the most about their earnings.

Build a Community With Facebook Pages

There are plenty of themed Facebook pages now. You can make these and have an associated group that is linked through the page itself.
I do this more as a long-term strategy but also to help promote stuff too.

Lastly, Remember This Rule No Matter What​

With promoting, there’s no situation where you can just show up on a website, paste a link, and get a high rate of traffic (unless you pay for it, which isn’t worth it).
Yeah, you might get away with manoeuvring once or twice, but as a sustainable promotional idea? It’s little more than a joke.
  • Post top notch content that isn’t your own
  • Post stuff that is ‘cool’ and relevant
  • Add clever captions
  • Provide true value
If you can’t think of cool stuff to tweet or post on Reddit, dig through your content archives. You can actually break up older posts and repurpose them into dozens of individual posts and nobody will notice.

Here's The Big Idea
Seo, Analysis Online

You need to be building a strong relationship with audiences on multiple online space. It’s part of any long-term survival plan as a content creator.
The best-case scenario is you have new people you build trust with, who check out your stuff. Then, you exceed their expectations with your content.
Always remember — if your content isn’t any good, all of this is nothing but worthless.
You can promote a bad game plan all you want. If it’s bad, it will get a bad result either way.
Content first. Then promote with an audience you already provide value to and have trust with.

Check this example, I call this this The science events to watch for in 2021
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