10 tips for a good healthy and happy life



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  1. Maintain a healthy diet. Food rich in ingredients from nature benefits the body and mind
  2. It's not just called superfood . In recent years you can find more and more foods that are labeled as SUPERFOODS, because they are full of nutritional values and a variety of essential vitamins.Some are expensive and rare, but others - beets, cocoa and green tea , for example - are available to every home and are just waiting for you to enjoy their beneficial effect.
  3. A great day starts with a good night. Continuous and satisfying sleep is one of the cornerstones of wellness - a good and healthy existence. Give your body a proper and satisfying rest every day - not just on weekends.
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Any impediment for the better. In life not everything happens right away, and certainly not at the pace you expect it to happen. Learn to be patient: the good is yet to come
5. Drink water. Hot or cold - grade or on ice. It does not matter: remember to drink plenty of water. It will only do you good.
6. Focus on the half full glass. Concentrate on the positive and occasionally remember to give thanks for the good in your life.
7. Learn to let go. It is important to clean from time to time and remove excess charges from life.

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8. Fantasize about your future. Spend a few minutes, even once a week - and imagine in as much detail as possible the life you aspire to have: work, your home, your relationship - and of course yourself.
9. Believe in karma. Learn to give and give of yourself without expecting anything in return.
10. And one more little thing - and perhaps most importantly: enjoy life. Take them easy, remember they move fast - and enjoy every moment as much as possible.

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