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7 Wellness Strategies to Build Resilience

Habits and tips to help you get through anything... This has been an unprecedented, challenging, and uncertain time for just about everyone. Which is why, perhaps now more than ever, cultivating resilience—the...

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Trump sparked the Capitol Hill attack months ago

Trump supporters only took a few hours to sweep Capitol Hill, but the President and allies have been calling on them to act months earlier. In the weeks following the election, President Trump and a number of keys...

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How I Promote My Content Without Being an intolerable Pest

Most online forums have severe standards against spam and they exist for a damn valid reason. Scholars are among the most exceedingly terrible wrongdoers with regards to self-advancement. On each stage I've composed...

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Jeff Bezos is always thinking about things 3 years ahead

Bezos has always been working in the future, making only a few decisions a day when running a trillion-dollar company like Amazon. The richest person in the world probably never makes a New Year resolution...

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization. The purpose of improving your website's ranking on search engine results pages is part of the search engine marketing of your website. Also...

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Trump extended the immigration ban

President Trump has just decided to extend two immigration bans to prevent many people from applying for "green cards" and seasonal foreign workers into the US. The decision was made by President Donald Trump on...

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